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Energy efficiency products providing the quickest and easiest Return on Investment for your home or business.  These envelope sealing products lead the industry in both utility and style, ensuring you savings on your utility bills and comfort in your home or building. 
Residential: Home sealing and insulation products for everyone from the DIY-er to the Professional Contractor.  These are our most popular products to increase home energy efficiency.

Adjustable Height Thresholds
Energy efficiency can be increased by sealing the bottom of your door with a threshold.  These adjustable thresholds perform as well as their conventional cousins, however they also have the ability to raise or lower the vinyl seal as required to seal against the bottom of the door.  They compensate very well for door sag and also for doors on which the bottoms may have been mis-cut during installation.  M-D Building Products offers different style door bottoms to fit your specific application.
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Aluminum Thresholds w/Vinyl Seal
This threshold provides a seal on your door when it is closed by pressing against the bottom of the door to keep the air, moisture and dust out.  When this product is properly installed, no additional hardware is needed, although door sweeps are often installed in conjunction to provide an attractive accent to the door and act as an insurance seal.  M-D Building Products offers multiple sizes and finishes to ensure that your threshold sits at the proper height to seal the bottom of your door.
View the Aluminum Thresholds w/Vinyl Seal >>

Hardwood Thresholds
One of the earliest developed thresholds, the wood is used today for a variety of reasons.  In addition to its aesthetic values, energy efficiency is increased because wood has a lower heat transfer coefficient that aluminum.  Ease of installation is a bonus for this product and it also prevents moisture and frost from forming on the inside of the threshold when outside temperatures are low and inside conditions are warm and humid.  Wood thresholds are often stained before installation and come unfinished.  M-D Building Products produces a variety of wood thresholds to fit any application.
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Saddle Thresholds
The durable saddle threshold is used in many commercial and residential applications.  It must be installed with a door sweep or door bottom in order to gain the energy efficiency desired, however does come in different sizes to compensate for many applications and can be used in situations where the gap between the door and the floor may be uneven.  M-D Building Products offers many different saddle threshold products to best fit your application.
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Bumper Thresholds for Outswing Doors
The weatherproof seal on this threshold is formed when the face of the closing door bumps against a vinyl seal that is located on the side of the threshold.  Since the only critical height factor is that it must be higher than the gap below the door installation is simple.  M-D Building Products offers a variety of bumper thresholds with multiple materials and configurations.

View the Bumper Thresholds for Outswing Doors >>

Replacement Threshold Vinyl Inserts
Threshold vinyl inevitably wears down from foot traffic, changing temperatures, doors and other common wear and tear.  When the vinyl erodes, it decreases the energy efficient properties of the threshold, thus increasing your building’s energy loss.  M-D Building Products provides replacement vinyl inserts for your worn down thresholds, allowing you to simply upgrade your product without reinstalling the entire threshold.
View the Replacement Threshold Vinyl Inserts >>

Commercial Thresholds
These extremely durable fluted, or ridge topped, thresholds are built to ensure long life and durability in heavily trafficked areas. They must be installed with a door sweep or door bottom in order to increase the building’s energy efficiency; however these thresholds are ideal for buildings that must reach handicap entry requirements. M-D Building Products offers these commercial thresholds in a variety of sizes with and without UL rating.
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